Swedish born but Berlin-rooted since the age of 6. Playing Sax since the age of 12 followd by Piano.

Starting to play live to DJ sets, using Vortex effect rack from Lexicon to modulate the  sound while playing. First club gig was in 1987 in the Cha-Cha Club in West-Berlin with Corin (ed2000).

Since than regular gigs in clubs, on festivals, art-exhibitions, fashion shows or corporate events.

classic- , jazz- and bigband- experienced. Gigs all over europe … like: London (Heaven with Colin Favour), Stockholm (Café Opera), Oslo, Finland, Slovenia, Spain, France, Honduras and all over Germany.

Gigs and  productions with Dr. Alban, Mando Diao, Danijel Alpha, Cari Lekebusch, Heiko Laux, Ellen Alien, Housemeister, Mijk v. Dijk and many others.