In her childhood Fannie L sat in her room for hours to hear rock/blues CD‘s from her Dad. Back then she did not know that a few years later she would move to New York to go after her big dream of becoming a singer/songwriter.
In NYC, she established herself in the music scene and was offered becoming the lead singer of a band in Los Angeles. Shortly after Fannie L moved from NYC to LA to live and sing there.
When she returned to Switzerland, she started with lots of motivation, passion and a lots of experience her solo career. 2008 Fannie L released her debut album „1st take“. With her debut album she not only got radio stations to play her songs and lots of loyal fans but also media presence in Switzerland.
Away from the music, the multi-talented singer casually won the title of „Miss Maxim Switzerland“ and appeared in the July issue of the globally established magazine MAXIM. It was followed by numerous invitations to various events, film premieres, various music awards and fashion events. So Fannie became a credible and popular celebrity.

While Fannie‘s songs are still getting radio airplays, she is already on to her next project. She moved to Berlin, got a publishing deal with Universal Music Germany and workes here as singer-/songwriter.

Fannie L convinces with her powerful voice and her Swiss charm. She‘s authentically, joyful and loves to be live on stage.
„I live and breathe music, nothing makes me more happy than to sing and write songs and to share this love of music with my audience!“ – Fannie L